Welcome To District 27

This is the Website for District 27 AA. We are friends of Bill W. and are a member of Area 14 in Florida. District 27 covers much of the Nature Coast and is located in the Dixie, Levy, and Gilchrist Counties. We are not a Glum lot and welcome you to our site and our meetings. Here you will find a meeting list with a link to directions from google maps. We also have upcoming events and those have directions as well. You can find a newsletter posted monthly with lots of content related to recovery. The 1st 164 pages of the Big Book are here also. We are not allowed to publish the personal adventures from the Big Book however we have members even now who are writing their stories, experience, strengths, and hopes for you to enjoy.

Should you need to speak to someone about getting help or finding a meeting please call:   


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